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Prayer for a Caregiver

Prayer for a CaregiverIt may have been a difficult evening – getting up several times throughout the night to check on your mom or dad.  Perhaps you were worried and couldn’t sleep – the concerns of the day hovers intensely over the darkness of night.  As a caregiver you may find yourself without preparation, skills or even a desire or training to be the designated caregiver, but nonetheless, you are the one who is entrusted with this responsibility. How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed, tired or frustrated and often times also experience inadequacy for not being a “good enough” caregiver?  We often hear that the caregiver needs to take care of themselves in order to be better in their caregiving role, but how do you manage this when the reality of emotional overload overwhelms you?   Using prayer is a powerful way of coping by allowing your mind, body and spirit to be quiet and listen to a comforting prayer, scripture, reflection, song or story.

The mmLearn.org Prayer for Caregivers provides a monthly prayer presented by clergy, pastors and lay people of different faith traditions especially offered to caregivers. Each month beginning the first Monday in January, 2012 a new prayer will be highlighted on our website with the hope that it will strengthen you and provide you with compassion, insight and a greater understanding and love for the one you care for.  Our March webcast in this series is a brief, but very touching, prayer from, Kay Gerfers, someone who can truly relate to our own ups and downs.