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Caregiver Training Videos

Who Decides When You Can't: Advance Directives

Presenter: Carol Bertsch - Elder Law Attorney, San Antonio, Texas

Attorney Carol Bertsch gives an overview of what older adults and their families should consider related to advance care planning. Her presentation provides a foundation for individuals...

Medication Expiration Dates: What you Need to Know

What happens to medications after the expiration date? What are the potential dangers of taking expired meds? How do you know when medications are no longer safe to use? Get the facts about medication expiration dates from Certified Geriatric Pharmacist...

Inappropriate Anti-Psychotic Reduction: A Regulatory Priority

Learn more about the regulatory agenda to reduce the inappropriate use of anti-psychotics in long term care. Dr. Smith will cover the following:

  • Defining inappropraite antipsychotic use
  • Brief History of Anti-Psychotic Reduction in LTC
  • BPSD Treatment
  • ...

Psychoactive Medications in Long Term Care

Psychoactive or psychotropic medications are any medications that are meant to affect your mind, emotions and/or behavior. Because these drugs can alter a person's behavioral tendencies or urges they can be described as "Chemical Restraints". Many of...

What happened with my mother's cashmere sweater??!!

While there are many benefits of employing a caregiver (or assisted living facility) to care for your aging parents, an unfortunate scenario may come up: caregiver theft. How can you best protect your loved ones from caregiver theft, and how can you...

They're Your Parents, Too!

One of the most challenging things a family can go through is needing to place a parent into assisted living, or, start caring for a parent themselves. This scenario can be made much more difficult and stressful if your siblings are not involved, as the...

Living Independently - A Healthy Choice

When it comes to independent living for the eldery, there are a lot of things to consider. How old is too old? How much should health factor into this decison? Learn more in this great video below! 

How to Hire a Private Duty Caregiver

Does a loved one of yours need additional care? If so, you know that finding the right caregiver can be a difficult task! Watch this video for some great information on how to hire a private duty caregiver. 

Dementia, Dining & Dignity: At the Dinner Table

Too often, aging services providers find that caregivers have not mastered the art and science of dementia communication, resulting in disheartening, undignified, and even dangerous situations, especially during meals. When they should be experiencing...

Family Dynamics and Caregiving

Presenter:  David Smith, M.D., FAAFP, CMD - Geriatric Consultants of Central Texas, PAAdult sibling relationships are diverse and sometimes complicated. And you may not realize how complicated they are until you are suddenly forced to come together to...

Managing Medications and Seniors Confidently

When caring for someone elderly, understanding and managing their medications is crucial to their well-being - because often medications and seniors don’t mix. It is crucial to be aware of both the dosages, side effects, drug interactions, high risk...

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