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Caregiver Training Videos

Relajación Basado en la Respiración

Presenter: Nancy Rosana ZalazarSky Meditation: Breath Based RelaxationWhen the demand is greater than the energy available to meet the demand you will experience stress. This is often the case for caregivers. The presenter, a strong advocate for stress...

Relajación Guiada

Presenter: Nancy Rosana Zalazar

Sky Mediation - Guided RelaxationThe presenter explains the many benefits associated with meditation and guided relaxation. She will then walk you through a guided relaxation exercise to help you calm your mind and reduce...

Forever Young with Exercise

John Valasquez presents on the power of exercise and how it can make aging more pleasant. If you are a caregiver, or you are training a team of caregivers, watch this video to get a great introduction into exercises for the elderly. 

Strategies For Keeping Rx Costs Down (Spanish)

Medications are expensive - the presenter Augustin C. Monetmoyor  will teach you ways to keep your costs down by using formulary tools actually provided by your insurance company, learning about actual costs of medications, how they are billed, and when...

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