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mmLearn.org's Recommended Readings:

Dementia SucksDementia Sucks - A Caregiver's Journey - With Lessons Learned

This book is a timeline of what Tracey went through with her mother Roz as Dementia took its toll over the course of a few years. Tracey’s outlet was to blog what she was enduring. As a person who kept journals throughout the years, something she used as a form of release from the days stress; she decided to turn those Blogs into a book to share her process in hopes to help someone who may be dealing with a loved one dealing with this disease.

At the beginning of her journey Tracey notices that things aren’t quite right with the way her mother is functioning. Her father who also dealt with Vascular dementia and had passed 6 years prior gave her a good idea of what may be happening with her mother. Tracey decides that moving her mother from Florida to her home in New Jersey would be the best option for her mother’s well-being. As time progresses and her mother begins to need more constant care Tracey must make big moves to ensure her mother gets the proper care she needs. From struggle to struggle she details the issues she must overcome, from the stress of insurance to the stress of finding a home that could properly care for her mother’s outbursts and aggression as her illness takes a toll on her mind. Tracey keeps a level head throughout this and shares how she kept the humor in her life with some great hilarious stories in those not so easy situations. This book portrays a very real life easy to relate to point of view.

This has great insight for someone who is dealing with a parent or relative going through this. It has great advice and highlights what she used to cope with the pressure. From caregiver’s support forums/groups to Alzheimer’s hotlines where she was able to receive advice when times were tough. Through her journey Tracey was able to develop her own company that help families going through this same difficult path.  Purchase on Amazon

Welcome Stranger


Welcome Stranger - Alzheimer's Caregiver's Guide

This short book is a great insight to what is it like to be a spouse with an Alzheimer effected partner and the stress that comes with it. Sherman’s wife Kendall was fortunate enough to be cared for at home. He wanted to make this guide to give a point of view insight to how he coped with the decline of his wife Kendall and stories of other individuals with Alzheimer loved ones in hopes that the tips could in fact help guide someone in the same position.

Sherman explains how the person he once knew had become a stranger to him in the moments when she wasn’t functioning properly. Things she once loved were no longer options, he had to find new ways to help her function at her best. He shares different ways to help relieve the stress of a frustrated caregiver but also the patient. How to calm a frustrating situation and ways to avoid a headache of a bad day or potential hostile situation. Sherman also touches on the spiritual side of dealing with stress. Even though he went to support groups they didn’t really touch on the Prayer aspect of stress relief which he was seeking on his journey of finding some relief.  

Alzheimer’s effect most people 60-80% in the U.S. alone, turning most families (15.9million) into caregivers. Sherman’s book is a quick read with some very helpful tips on how to make those difficult moments with a loved one just a little easier. If you are interested in his tips of how to deal with the stress and frustration of being a spouse or child as a caregiver, I would recommend you take the opportunity to read this. Books can be purchased for $10.00 by contacting Sherman P. Macdaniel, P.O. Box 429, Fayetteville, TX 78940 or kmsm@swbell.net or 210-508-1105.