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Caregiver Training Videos

Finding My Voice As A Caregiver - Part 2

Presenter: Linda Sendaula

Linda Sendaula cared for her husband who had Alzheimer's for seven years. She went from being a reluctant caregiver to being a "professional" Alzheimer's volunteer. In this video series she shares some of her knowledge that she...

Finding My Voice As A Caregiver - Part 3

Presenter: Linda Sendaula

Linda Sendaula spent seven years as the primary caregiver for her husband who suffered with Alzheimer's. She went from being a reluctant caregiver to finding her voice as a caregiver through the difficult journey to becoming a...

Finding My Voice As A Caregiver - Part 4

Presenter: Linda Sendaula

As primary caregiver for her husband who suffered from Alzheimer's, Linda Sendaula encountered many obstacles in her seven years as a caregiver. From juggling a full time job and her caregiving duties, the stigma associated with...

Finding My Voice As A Caregiver - Part 5

Presenter: Linda Sendaula

Linda openly admits that when her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease she was in denial and unable to come to terms the diagnosis in the beginning. She went on to care for her husband for seven years before his death. 

Personal Care Homes - A Senior Living Community Option

Presenter: Spencer Brown, CMC, LNFA, MSG, Aging Care Manager

With so many senior living community options - how do you know what is best for you or your loved one?

Spencer Brown provides the much needed information on what you need to know about senior...

National Multiple Sclerosis Society: Who They Are, What They Do & Why

Over 2.3 million people are affected worldwide with Multiple Sclerosis. Epidemiologist have identified factors in the distribution of MS around the world that may eventually help determine the cause of the disease. The NMSS is an excellent source for...

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Presenter: National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Multiple Sclerosis is a complex disease that impacts the brain and spinal cord. MS can cause an variety of unpredictable symptoms such as numbness, tingling, fatigue, blindness, paralysis and more. This...

Wandering and Elopement: Keeping Seniors Safe

Presenter:  Maria Wellisch, RN, LNFA

Wandering and elopement are very real threats for someone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's. For caregivers this is of great concern. Raising awareness, understanding the risk factors, and taking appropriate...

How Can I Convince My Loved One to see a Psychiatrist?

Presenter:  Dr. Thomas Weiss

Convincing someone to see a psychiatrist can be challenging and awkward. Sometimes you need to get creative with how you approach this difficult situation for it to go smoothly and without incident. With his usual wit and...

How Can I Get My Loved One to STOP Driving?

Presenter:  Dr. Thomas Weiss

Always a difficult situation - you feel your loved one is no longer safe to operate a vehicle and they insist they are fine.This loss of independence can be devastating to many. How do you insist that your aging loved one...

Staying Independent Longer with Adaptive Equipment and Strengthening Exercises

Presenter:  Natasha Dinani - Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

When mobility isn't what it used to be due to increased age, injuries from falls, or joint replacements - assistance may be needed to fulfill many of our activities of daily living.


Sleep Problems in the Elderly

Presenter:  Dr. Thomas Weiss, Geriatric Psychologist

One-third of our life is spent sleeping - but sleep is much more than simply resting. Sleep is an important and essential element for a person's health and well being. A lack of regular sufficient...

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