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Caregiver Training Videos

Healing Yourself with Your Own Stem Cells

Stem Cell injections offer an untapped potential to manage pain naturally as well as rebuild cartilage and collagen which regenerates damaged tissues, assists with repair processes, and offers alternatives to costly and risky surgeries.

Diabetes, Kidney Disease and Dialysis

In this video Dr. Srinath K. Tamirisa, Kidney and HTN Specialist will cover the relationship beween diabetes and kidney disease as well as:

  • The different types of diabetes.
  • What happens when you have a high sugar level.
  • How diabetes causes kidney damage.

Living with Heart Failure Module 1: Identifying the Problem

 In Living with Heart Failure Module 1: Identifying the Problem, Beverly Tuomala, BSN, RN, CHFN, Heart Failure Nurse answers these questions and more: 

  • What is heart failure?
  • What causes heart failure?
  • How is heart failure diagnosed?
  • What does heart...

Living with Heart Failure Module 2: Medications and Therapies

In Living with Heart Failure Module 2: Medications and Therapies, Beverly Tuomala, BSN, RN, CHFN, Heart Failure Nurse will help you to understand the complex medications used to treat heart failure as well as various therapies available to those living...

Living with Heart Failure Module 3: Sodium/Fluid Restriction

 In Living with Heart Failure Module 3: Sodium/Fluid Restriction, Beverly Tuomala, BSN, RN, CHFN, Heart Failure Nurse explains why sodium and fluid restriction is so important to those suffering from heart failure. She will also answer the following...

Living with Heart Failure Module 4: Putting It All Together

 In Living with Heart Failure Module 4: Putting It All Together, Beverly Tuomala, BSN, RN, CHFN, Heart Failure Nurse recaps the other three modules: Identifying the Problem, Medications and Therapies, Sodium/Fluid Restrictions and gives you practical...

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management at a Crossroads - Addressing a Public Health Crisis

Chronic Pain the most common reason that people visit a doctor's office in the USA. This is especially true for aging seniors. People are searching for ways to manage chronic...

Senior Dental Care For Those With Dexterity Needs

As caregivers of older adults, caring for those with dexterity issues can make senior dental care difficult and challenging. In this video Brittney Wappes offers tips, techniques, and toothbrush modifications, to help improve dexterity and maximize...

Senior Dental Care: Identifying Normal and Abnormal Structures in the Mouth

Issues in the mouth can have a significant impact on the quality of life, especially for seniors. Oral health is often thought to be an indicator of your overall health and wellness. This video will help caregivers of older adults who are responsible for...

Caring for Dentures and Partials in the Elderly

Proper denture and partial care is important for maintaining the life of the dentures as well as avoiding infectious diseases. This video provides the viewer all you need to know about caring for dentures and partials for successful senior dental care...

Denture Adhesives and Senior Dental Care

Keeping dentures secure and comfortable is important for everyone. As a caregiver caring for someone who has dentures it is important to know the proper techniques for securing and removing the dentures as well as the the types of adhesives available and...

Building Trust in Senior Dental Care

Communication is key in building trust with dental patients.This is especially true with senior dental care and those with dementia. Great tips and techniques for success in dental care of the elderly. 

Presenter:  Bree Valentic, University of Texas...

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