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Caregiver Training Videos

Activities for Someone with Dementia Using Breathing Pets

Coming up with age appropriate activities that give dementia patients purpose and meaning is difficult. This video offers a simple age appropriate activity using animated stuffed animals or "Breathing Pets." This is a great activity for family caregivers who are caring for someone at home, activity directors in assisted living facilities, or anyone caring for someone with dementia.

From one of our viewers: 
Thought I would pass on that I just gave my mom a "breathing" dog for her birthday.  She absolutley loves it!! And it seems to be a hit with some of the other patients where she lives. So glad for the suggestion.  Was not sure how she would react, as her dementia is not severe...she is aware that it is not "real", but she is delighted by it!  I hope others will enjoy a pet as well!

If you're looking for a comprehensive resource for family caregivers, check out our online Family Caregiver Guide.
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