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Caregiver Pick-Me-Up: Transferring from a wheelchair to a chair

Wheelchair Transfer

Ever picked up someone from a hospital or a nursing facility only to have an aide easily glide the wheelchair over to the car door and effortlessly transfer the person into the car?  Easy right?  Easy until you get to your destination and try to do the very same thing.  Now how did they do it?  Is there a brake on this thing?  How can I get them out of the wheelchair and into the car without straining my back?  Not knowing how to accomplish what appeared to be easily achieved moments earlier, just adds to the stress and anxiety of a family caregiver.

Knowing how to properly prepare a person for the move as well as proper positioning of the “mover” are basic techniques that can be very useful for family caregivers.   While this task may sound overwhelming, with the help of mmLearn.org, the Caregiver Pick-Me-Up series is designed to demonstrate the safest and easiest way to accomplish this task.  You may want to watch this short five-minute video several times before preparing for the transfer and then after enough careful practice, you will feel comfortable and confident in performing wheelchair transfers with ease.

The mission of mmLearn.org is to train and support caregivers of older adults and offers over 200 FREE on-demand videos.  The Caregiver Pick-Me-Up series, which are also available in Spanish, includes how-to’s for transferring someone from a wheelchair to and from a toilet seat and to and from a shower chair – all to assist the caregiver in their very important role of caring for their loved ones.