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Are you a Family Caregiver not getting enough sleep?

mmLearn.org | Elderly Insomnia, Help for CaregiversRecent news reports have informed us about about sleeping or I should say the fact that the LACK of sleeping may cause falls and may even be a cause of Alzheimer’s.  That is terrible news for someone like me who seldom gets more than 5 or 6 hours per night.  If you are a caregiver and you are losing sleep because you are caring for a loved one, make great use of ONE sleepless hour and watch the free video webcast presented by mmLearn.org called "The Importance of Sleep for Seniors".  This, and other presentations like it, offer some good tips and present factual information without a lot of research you can’t understand. 

Each morning when I listen to the news I hear conflicting reports..."coffee causes cancer" --- "2-3 cups of coffee may be helpful" ---  "Too much sleep is a problem" --- "not enough sleep is a problem, it causes weight gain".  Most of these tests are on rats or mice and I am perplexed as to what to believe.  I LIKE hearing that "red wine is good for the heart", "real butter is better", "real coke is better than a diet coke".  They tell me that exercise is important for your health but at 2:00 AM (when I'm normally wide awake) the infomercials tell me I need only 10 minutes of exercise with a strange looking device that I can order and return. I know I won’t use it more than twice and I certainly won’t return it.  So, for me I’ve decided to concentrate on sleep. Seems if I can lose weight, reduce falls, prevent Alzheimer's, I just might be on the right track.  I just finished watching a presentation on mmLearn.org and thought it was a realistic view of sleep, aging, and aging well.  I’m going to work on my sleep environment, not drink before bedtime, turn off the TV…  I’ll let you know how I do.  You can watch the program too.  When I finished watching…I thought the presenter was reading my mind…

mmLearn.org offers free online training for caregivers of the elderly.  Log on to mmLearn.org and click on "View our Free Online Videos" and then click on the iCare Series.  You will find the presentation on sleep as well as many helpful videos for caregivers.