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Hearing aids should not squeal! Using Hearing Aids

Caring for your hearing aidIts great when a family member with hearing loss will actually consent to being evaluated and then agrees to begin wearing a hearing aid. If you think you have conquered the issue of hearing loss…..think again. Once the hearing aids are purchased, here comes the squeaking; that high pitched squeal (that the individual with hearing loss is oblivious to).  Lots of complaints about hearing too many noises and of course the old axiom “I-don’t-think-my-hearing-is-really-that-bad”.

Hearing aids are expensive and need to be in the ear…not in the drawer.  mmLearn.org offers a video about caring for your hearing aid.  How do you properly change a battery?  How often they should it be replaced (a lot more often than you may realize)? How should I clean a hearing aid?  And yes, even the issue with wax;  (not pretty but oh so important to understand).  The video is an hour long and the best part of the mmLearn.org site is the fact you can watch for a few minutes and  come back later to finish watching when you have the time. mmLearn.org is preparing to offer a “live” presentation on this topic and allow for questions by the viewers for the audiologist.  If you would like to know when the live broadcast is scheduled…you may send an e-mail to info@mmlearn.org and you will receive an announcement.