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End of Life Care: What SHOULD you expect from Hospice Care?

Posted on Tue, Aug 30, 2011 @ 07:21 PM | Free Webcast | Elder Care

It’s difficult to understand a subject when most people don’t want to discuss it. Hospice sadly often falls into this category. As the topic is broached, thoughts of death quickly arise and conversations begin trailing off. Yet, the reality is that while hospice does mean taking the focus off of prolonging someone’s life, it does not mean giving up on life. 

Hospice is about patients and their families coming first; the patient lives out the remaining days of a terminal disease in a manner that they deem important with quality of life the primary focus. A patient is no longer treated as a medical condition, but is treated by a team of caregivers assembled to meet the patients’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Family members and caregivers are also given the support they need to cope with the life changes they are facing.

Care is administered wherever the patient considers their home, whether it’s in their house, assisted living facility or a skilled nursing facility. The patient and family are given greater flexibility and choices as to where and how treatment is administered. Inpatient units and hospice respite care are also available for times when extra assistance is needed outside the home.

So there is a lot to learn when considering hospice care.’s online iCare presentation will look at what you can expect from hospice care. Licensed social worker Lucy Haag and registered nurse Enomie Rosenthal have 25 years of combined service with VITAS Hospice (one of the nation’s largest hospice providers), and will offer caregivers and healthcare professionals a unique perspective into hospice. They will shed light on commonly misunderstood facts, and answer your questions concerning hospice.

Visit for a presentation on what you need to understand about hospice care. has archived this webinar so you can watch it on-demand and submit questions at your convenience. is a program offered by Morningside Ministries that gives caregivers and healthcare providers free online learning tools to make more informed decisions.

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