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Called to Stand - A Lenten Reflection for Caregivers

Called to Stand for CaregiversThe Lenten season always reminds me of being very young and knowing that I had to give up something I absolutely loved to eat or drink for those long forty days.   It also seemed the more I thought about it, the more deprived I felt and the more I found ways to sneak off with a piece of my favorite chocolate.  Thankfully as I grew in both age and wisdom, I realized that Lent was really a time for introspection – an opportunity to look within and make personal commitments to change, if only for a few weeks.  While we can certainly make those vows to change anytime in our lives; this particular time offers us the prospect of looking at transforming our lives in a different way and perhaps making it a lasting change.

When was the last time you took a stand against a bad habit or perhaps took a stand to confront someone who had hurt you or found a need to forgive someone you hurt?  These are all difficult yet often life changing events that can help us let go of burdens we’ve held on to for much too long.  The following from the blog – “Off & Running” provides just the words we need to hear to take a stand,

“So, I ask you – Can we start from now?  From this moment…forgetting the past?  Forgetting all insecurities and pointing fingers…and love each other from this moment forward?”

When given the freedom to start over – to begin from scratch and to know that we can show concern and compassion to others and accept it from them as well – that is taking a stand to become a fuller, more loving human being.  Perhaps that is what Lent is all about – a time to let go of whatever is keeping us from becoming the person we were meant to be – the chance to begin anew!

Watch our very latest video by Kay Gerfers – “Called to Stand:  A Lenten Reflection” part of our Prayers for a Caregiver series.  In her natural energetic way, Kay provides us with inspiration and a better understanding of the meaning of Lent.  Let us know about the last time you were called to stand – we want to hear from you.  You might also like to watch Kay’s 2013 Lenten message – “A Lesson About Lent