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Caregiver Training Blog

Caregiving is hard - mmLearn.org can help!

As a young child I have vivid memories of my grandmother who had been paralyzed from a stroke sitting up in her bed and digging in her little coin purse to give us money for the ice cream vendor as he made the rounds in our neighborhood.  My mother was the youngest of five siblings and had taken on the role of caregiver.  My older brothers and me thought it was great especially whenever we were in trouble, her bed was a great hiding place and she forgave all our antics with a kiss and a few pennies for ice cream!  Throughout her life mom not only cared for her mother, but her father-in-law, an uncle and an elderly neighbor; yet she never considered herself a caregiver, that was just what families did for one another. 

frustrated daughter and parents

Today, while the majority of families are still caring for their loved ones at home, what has changed dramatically is the world around us.  With the advances in medicine and healthcare, people are living much longer even with chronic illnesses.  So how does the average caregiver who is probably working a full time job as well as caring for their own children and managing a household provide quality care? It’s not easy, but mmLearn.org can help!

Recognizing the critical need for skilled caregivers mmLearn.org was created specifically to provide FREE on-line training and support for caregivers. With over 300 videos in English and Spanish, geriatricians, nurses, social workers, clergy and others who are experts in the field of aging offer the latest, most informative and interactive videos using state of the art technology.  But we need YOUR help in order to keep providing this free resource for caregivers.

mmLearn.org/Morningside Ministries is one of three finalists for a $350,000 grant from Humana. Your vote today and everyday through August 22nd will help us secure funding which will allow us to continue to offer support for seniors and their caregivers by producing free on-line quality training videos.

Watch our video to learn more about what we do and how you can help! Thank you for voting today and everyday through August 22nd. 

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