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Caregiver Training Blog

mmLearn.org - Where caregivers go for help!

mmlearn.org: where caregivers go for helpIt’s exciting to see the amazing growth in the senior living industry and the constantly evolving levels of care available to senior residents. However, about 90 percent of seniors in America still live at home and most of those must receive care from family members for much of their daily needs. As professionals serving seniors first, I think we all want to know that all seniors are getting the best care they can, wherever they are. That compassionate kind of thinking really defines our industry in a special way.

Even when home health professionals are involved, and have come and gone, there are still many aspects of senior care involved. Delivering that care effectively still requires expert instruction. Ideally, it should be free and available 24/7. To that end, mmLearn.org at Morningside Ministries provides caregivers with access to web-based training videos on a variety of topics.

With mmLearn.org, families who suddenly find themselves in the role of caregiver find free, practical information on mmLearn.org that reflects the reality of everyday caregiving, including such basic needs as getting someone safely in and out of a car. The training is easy to understand and can quickly be put into practice.

Besides serving seniors, improving the lives of caregivers is the goal of mmLearn.org. This includes reducing the sense of isolation that caregivers often experience when their duties confine them to their homes. It also includes helping caregivers manage the physical and emotional stresses that come with their many responsibilities, especially those caregivers struggling to maintain workplace performance while both holding a full-time job and caring for a family member at home.

A caregiver recently wrote to us saying, “Caregiving is so complex and sometimes even sad. It is so easy for caregivers to get caught up in the emotional aspect of their responsibilities. I’m so happy that there are videos like these that put things in perspective.”

If portions of this mission appeal to you, I invite you to vote for mmLearn.org as a finalist in the Humana Community Benefits grant program. Because of Humana grant funds, thousands of caregivers in need throughout San Antonio and surrounding communities, as well as countless others throughout Texas and the U.S., will finally find the training and support they need to provide the best possible care to their loved ones, as well as care for their own needs.

You can learn more and vote, if you so choose, by simply going to Humana. Regardless of whether you vote, I invite you share this free resource at mmLearn.org with your family members or friends who must serve their seniors in a home setting. Every family and senior deserves the best care available to them.