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Fall Friendly Activities for Seniors

fall_friendly_activities_for_seniors.jpgWith fall right around the corner, many seniors and their families are on the lookout for new activities that they can all enjoy together. The fall is a great time of year for many seniors, with comfortable weather and the opportunity to enjoy a number of unique activities that you can’t enjoy any other time of year. It is important for seniors to create and maintain an active lifestyle year-round, and with a little planning and the assistance of friends and family, there are a number of fall-friendly activities that seniors can enjoy during this most enjoyable time of year. 

  • Visiting a Pumpkin Patch - This is a great place to take a casual stroll or to help seniors pick out some Halloween décor for their home. This is also a fun activity for seniors to enjoy with their grandchildren.
  • Apple Picking - Even seniors who aren’t able to get around easily on their own, can often enjoy a trip to an apple farm. Once you are done, consider trying out some new apple recipes with your find, including apple pie, apple cobbler or even fresh apple cider.
  • Bird Watching. Many times, brand new species of birds can be spotted only during the fall season.
  • Outdoor Exercise Classes - Yoga, aerobics, stretching and more can all be done outside in the comfortable fall weather. Check in with your local gym or community center to find out if there are outside classes being offered this fall. It is very important for seniors to stay physically active.
  • Nature Walks - The fall can be the best time of year to enjoy a casual walk with a senior. Cool, comfortable temperatures can lessen the chances of seniors over-heating, and a casual walk through nature can be a great way for seniors to get the exercise that they need.
  • Watching Football - For seniors who also happen to be football fans, the fall means it is time for the season to start. Organize a game-watching party or even a mini tailgate that features a senior-friendly setup and plenty of the senior’s favorite foods.
  • Visiting a Local Farm - Help seniors escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and visit a local farm. During the fall, many farms have tours, activities and hayrack rides available for the public. This can be a great activity for seniors to enjoy with the entire family, which helps seniors avoid loneliness, a feeling that can surprisingly have a serious effect on a senior’s health.

When it comes to planning any fall friendly senior outing, it is important that seniors are dressed properly. While the fall season typically includes fairly mild weather, proper attire is still very important, especially for seniors.

All seniors should be dressed in lightweight, comfortable layers that they can take off and add on as they need. Footwear is also very important in the fall. Rain, mud and slippery surfaces can all increase any senior’s chances of falling while outdoors. Make sure they are wearing properly-fitting shoes with plenty of traction and a low heel to avoid potential falls.

The right attire can help any senior stay comfortable as they take advantage of cooler temperatures and crisp autumn weather during these suggested activities.

By Lori Thomas of SeniorAdvice.com

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